Jesus was so thoughtful of the

sinners on this planet and had such

tender pity for His erring creatures

that He allowed the cruel tyrants

possessed of devils to crucify Him.

  Jesus is warning us in His Word

of the soon coming end of this world

and the things we are to watch for,

and how to meet these situations with

His help and power.  He is the


Infinite God so He is the only source


of help.


There are many things that are fortold

that will happen to show His return is

very near.  In Peter it says there will

be false teachers.


    2 Peter 2:1

    But there were false prophets also

among the people, even as there shall

be false teachers among you,..…… ……


  Matthew tells us of many signs to


look for.


     Matthew 24:24

     For there shall arise false Christs,

and false prophets, and shall show


great signs and wonders; insomuch


that, if it were possible, they shall


deceive the very elect.


         1  John 4:1 


    Beloved, believe not every spirit,

but try the spirits whether they are

of God: because many false prophets

are gone out into the world.



    Beware of false prophets, which

come to you in sheep's clothing, but

inwardly they are ravening wolves.


     Matthew 24:6 

     And ye shall hear of wars and

rumours of wars: see That ye be

not troubled: for all these things

must come to pass, but the end is

not yet.


     Matthew 24:7 

     For nation shall rise against

nation, and kingdom against

kingdom: and there shall be

famines, and pestilences, and

earthquakes, in divers places.



   Then shall they deliver you up to

be afflicted, and shall kill you: and

ye shall be hated of all nations for

my name's sake.


     Matthew 24:14 


    And this gospel of the kingdom

shall be preached in all the world

for a witness unto all nations; and

then shall the end come.


           Matthew 24:27

     For as the lightning cometh out

of the east, and shineth even unto the

west; so shall also the coming of the

Son of man be.



     Immediately after the tribulation

of those days shall the sun be darkened,

and the moon shall not give her light,

and the stars shall fall from heaven,

and the powers of the heavens shall

be shaken:




     And then shall appear the sign of

the Son of man in heaven: and then

shall all the tribes of the earth mourn,

and they shall see the Son of man

coming in the clouds of heaven with

power and great glory.


        Matthew 24:31 

     And he shall send his angels with

a great sound of a trumpet, and they

shall gather together his elect from

the four winds, from one end of

heaven to the other.


       Matthew 24:38


      For as in the days that were

before the flood they were eating

and drinking, marrying and giving

in marriage, until the day that

Noah entered into the ark,


      Matthew 24:39 

      And knew not until the flood

came, and took them all away; so

shall also the coming of the Son

of man be.


There are hundreds of different

religions that are not following the

Bible and are saying there is no

law to obey anymore.  Plenty of

preachers are teaching contrary

to scripture.  Yes, lots of people

say there is a God, but that is

confessing with the mouth and

not obeying from the heart. 

God means what He says.

Many are the smooth sweet

talking preachers saying

wonderful things and this

is what a lot of people want.


All throughout history there have

been wars but at the present there

are horrible mass destructive

elements being used that make man

think he is really great and in control

of things.  Wars are going on all the

time and soon we will see the whole

world involved in the final battle.


    Right now many places are in


famine because of drought with no rain


and other places have no food because


they are in the floods and food has been


destroyed or washed away.


Disease is rampant all over the world

not only because of our own bad eating

habits and other lifestyle habits but the

world is sick as well as the animals


with every kind of ailment you can


think of.  As if man did not have


enough problems, scientists are making


more pestilence in the labs and getting


it out to the people in various ways.


The earth is literally shaking, there is

always a quaking somewhere, some of

which are very devastating and can

cause much flooding.  When Jesus

comes there will be a great final




From the time of Cain and Able,

the people that did not want to do

right have always brought

persecution upon the people of

God.  In the Dark Ages people

were tortured very cruelly.  At

the present time is no exception. 

All around the world people are

suffering for their faith in Jesus. 

Many are being put in prison and

put to death.  In North America

you do not hear much about

persecution because they do it in

sly ways and are putting people to

death secretly.


The gospel of Jesus is going around

the world.  There is hardly anyone

who has not heard of a Christian or

even knows what a Christian is

supposed to live like.  Even a person

that does not claim to be a Christian

will repeat the words--that is not

being like a Christian.  In dark jungle

villages where no man has brought the

gospel, the Angels of God have taught

them the good news of salvation in

different ways. 

At the beginning of each persons life

the Holy Spirit lightens every persons

pathway and if they respond to the


light in obedience then they are given


more light, but if the light is put aside


or neglected then the light is withheld. 

As long as some ray is held onto the

Holy Spirit keeps striving to bring

 them to repentance.  But if we

grieve the Holy Spirit too long it

will eventually become the

unpardonable sin.  So we need to

dig deep into the Word of God

and obey it all.  We need to

know what the requirements

are for eternal life.


Numerous people have ruined their

live mentally, physically, emotionally,

and spiritually as well as their wives

and children when drinking alcohol

and being intoxicated so much.  It

has made them useless for doing a

good job at work and has left them

companionless with their children.

Many times the family is hungry

while the parents are indulging in



There is nothing wrong with

getting married if the person

is striving to serve the Lord. 

But what is wrong is all the

broken homes and devastated

children and the homes that

leave the Bible and Lord out

of their homes.

 Red Moon

The Great Controversy   PG 308


     May 19, 1780, stands in history

as "The Dark Day." Since the

time of Moses no period of darkness

of equal density, extent, and duration,

has ever been recorded.   The

description of this event, as given

by eyewitnesses, is but an echo of

the words of the Lord, recorded

by the prophet Joel, twenty-five

hundred years previous to their

fulfillment: "The sun shall be

turned into darkness, and the

moon into blood, before the

great and terrible day of the

Lord come." Joel 2:31.



 The Great Controversy   PG  307


     The intense darkness of the day

was succeeded, an hour or two before

evening, by a partially clear sky, and

the sun appeared, though it was still

obscured by the black, heavy mist.

"After sundown, the clouds came

again overhead, and it grew dark

very fast." "Nor was the darkness

of the night less uncommon and

terrifying than that of the day;

notwithstanding there was almost

a full moon, no object was discernible

but by the help of some artificial light,

which, when seen from the neighboring

houses and other places at a distance,

appeared through a kind of Egyptian

darkness which seemed almost

impervious to the rays."—

Isaiah Thomas,   Massachusetts Spy;

or, American Oracle of Liberty,

<EI vol. 10, No. 472 (May 25, 1780). 

Said an eyewitness of the scene:

"I could not help conceiving at the

time, that if every luminous body

in the universe had been shrouded

in impenetrable shades, or struck

out of existence, the darkness could

not have been more complete."—

Letter by Dr. Samuel Tenney, of Exeter,

New Hampshire, December, 1785

(in <SI Massachusetts Historical

Society Collections, <EI 1792,

1st series, vol. 1, p. 97).


Though at nine o'clock that night

the moon rose to the full, "it had

not the least effect to dispel the

deathlike shadows." After

midnight the darkness

disappeared, and the moon,

when first visible, had the

appearance of blood.


 Falling Stars 5050

    Maranatha PG  151

    The Stars of Heaven Fall

      The stars shall fall from heaven,

and the powers of the Heavens shall

be shaken. Matt. 24:29. 

      In 1833, . . . the last of the signs

appeared which were promised by

the Saviour as tokens of His second

advent.  Said Jesus, "The stars shall

fall from heaven." And John in the

Revelation declared, as he beheld in

vision the scenes that should herald

the day of God, "The stars of heaven

fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree

casteth her untimely figs, when she

is shaken of a mighty wind." This

prophecy received a striking and

impressive fulfilment in the great

meteoric shower of November 13,..

That was the most extensive

and wonderful display of falling

stars which has ever been recorded;

"the whole firmament, over all the

United States, being then, for hours,

in fiery commotion!  No celestial

phenomenon has ever occurred in

this country, since its first settlement,

which was viewed with such intense

admiration by one class in the


community, or with so much dread and


alarm by another." "Its sublimity and


awful beauty still linger in many minds.


. . . Never did rain fall much thicker


than the meteors fell toward the earth;


east, west, north, and south, it was the


same. In a word, the whole heavens


seemed in motion. . . .

The display, as described in Professor

Silliman's Journal, was seen all over

North America. . . . From two o'clock

until broad daylight, . . . an incessant

play of dazzlingly brilliant luminosities

was kept up in the whole heavens."—

R. M. Devens,    American

Progress; <EI or, SI The Great

Events of the Greatest Century,

EI ch. 28, pars. 1-5. . . .


So the world is in trouble because

it has let Satan rule and most have

left the Lord in the dust.  Now it is

time to let the people know who is

in control.  Soon the host of heaven

will be seen by the inhabitants of

planet earth and most will be

surprised and meet with bitter

disappointment.  But what a

wonder and glorious day

for the saint of the Lord who

will enter eternities bliss

with our wonderful Jesus.