The King Is Coming 


"And He hath on His vesture,

and on His thigh, a name written,

King of kings and Lord of lords." 

Revelation 19: 6 

Yes !  Jesus is coming !


The signs are everywhere

pointing to the imminent return of




Am I Ready? 


Spacious Heavens

  The universe is so massive.  The order is precise for

it is the work of an architect that is perfect

and far greater than we imagine. 

If we were to see God we would cease to be,

because  we are so full of sin.

He creates for His enjoyment.

When we look at the stars in the night it is an

awesome sight to behold.  It makes us feel very

small to see God’s great creation.

This huge mass of stars and worlds of solar

systems are all orbiting the North Star.

The North Star is where God’s throne is. 

This is a star that does not move very much but is the center

of the universe.  This is where He

is preparing mansions for the redeemed

that have confessed their sins and have been washed in the blood of Jesus.


Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in

God believe also in me.

In my Father’s house are many mansions:

if it were not so I would have told you:

I go to prepare a place for you.

An if I go and prepare a place for you,

I will come again, and receive you unto myself,

 that where I am, there ye may be also.”

John 14:1-3


The Lord tells us where His city is, on the sides of the north.


  Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised,

in the city of our God in the mountain of His holiness.

 Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth

is Mount Zion on the sides of the North the

city of the Great King.

Psalm 48:1,2

              Is not God in the height of heaven? 

And behold the height of the stars,

how high they are.  Job 22:12  

Thick clouds are a covering to Him,

that He seeth not:

and He walketh in the circuit of heaven. 

Job 22:14


     Astronomers tell us that at a certain time

 each year in the fall there is a meteoric

   shower at the entrance of Orion

 Constellation which looks like a tunnel.


I like to think the angels are getting ready for

that great day when Jesus will come through

Orion on His way to this earth when He will

take His faithful saints to their heavenly home.


Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades

or loose the bands of Orion.  Job 38:31


    “Dark, heavy clouds came up and clashed against each other. The atmosphere parted and rolled back; then we could look up through the open space in Orion, whence came the voice of God.

The Holy City

will come down through that open space.” 

Early Writings P. 41.




     "Then I saw the four Angels cease to hold the four winds. And I saw famine, pestilence and sword, nation rose against nation, and the whole world was in confusion. Then we cried to God for deliverance day and night till we began to hear the bells on Jesus' garment. And I saw Jesus rise up in the Holiest, and as he came out we heard the tinkling of bells, and knew our High Priest was coming out. Then we heard the voice of God which shook the heavens and earth, and gave the 144,000 the day and hour of Jesus' coming. Then the saints were free, united and full of the glory of God, for he had turned their captivity. And I saw a flaming cloud come where Jesus stood and he laid off his priestly garment and put on his kingly robe, took his place on the cloud which carried him to the east where it first appeared to the saints on earth, a small black cloud, which was the sign of the Son of Man. While the cloud was passing from the Holiest to the east, which took a number of days, the Synagogue of Satan worshiped at the saints feet." Ellen G. Harmon DS, March 14, 1846

    "Then Jesus' silver trumpet sounded, as He descended on the cloud, wrapped in flames of fire. He gazed on the graves of the sleeping saints, then raised His eyes and hands to heaven, and cried, "Awake! awake! awake! ye that sleep in the dust, and arise." Then there was a mighty earthquake. The graves opened, and the dead came up clothed with immortality. The 144,000 shouted "Alleluia!" as they recognized their friends who had been torn from them by death, and in the same moment we were changed and caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air.

     We all entered the cloud together, and were seven days ascending to the sea of glass, when Jesus brought the crowns and with His own right hand placed them on our heads. He gave us harps of gold and palms of victory. Here on the sea of glass the 144,000 stood in a perfect square. Some of them had very bright crowns, others not so bright. Some crowns appeared heavy with stars, while others had but few. All were perfectly satisfied with their crowns. And they were all clothed with a glorious white mantle from their shoulders to their feet. Angels were all about us as we marched over the sea of glass to the gate of the city. Jesus raised His mighty, glorious arm, laid hold of the pearly gate, swung it back on its glittering hinges, and said to us, "You have washed your robes in My blood, stood stiffly for My truth; enter in." We all marched in and felt that we had a perfect right in the city.

     Here we saw the tree of life and the throne of God. Out of the throne came a pure river of water, and on either side of the river was the tree of life. On one side of the river was a trunk of a tree, and a trunk on the other side of the river, both of pure, transparent gold. At first I thought I saw two trees. I looked again, and saw that they were united at the top in one tree. So it was the tree of life on either side of the river of life. Its branches bowed to the place where we stood, and the fruit was glorious; it looked like gold mixed with silver." CET 59, 60 

     That will be a thrilling journey.  The faithful will visit the other planets and be able to go where Jesus goes and it will never end.  We sure don’t want to miss out on such wonders. 


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