Manuscript Releases Volume One 

                                     PG  194

  "The fibrous roots of

selfishness will root

themselves wherever

they are given a chance.

We want to cut out and

exterminate every fiber

of the root of selfishness. . . . "



T Volume Five   PG  204


     "Christ pleased not Himself."

He did nothing for Himself; His

work was in behalf of fallen

man. Selfishness stood abashed

in His presence. He assumed our

nature that He might suffer

in our stead. Selfishness, the

sin of the world, has become

the prevailing sin of the church.

In sacrificing Himself for the

good of men, Christ strikes

at the root of all selfishness.

He withheld nothing, not

even His own honor and

heavenly glory. He expects

corresponding self-denial

and sacrifice on the part of

those whom He came to bless

and save. Everyone is required

to work to the extent of his

ability. Every worldly

consideration should be laid

aside for the glory of God.

The only desire for worldly

advantages should be that we

may the better advance the cause

of God.



 ARSH April 11, 1893

    If we would see light in God's

light, we must abide in Christ.

The soul must receive strength

and nourishment from the

living Vine. The apostle says,

"Know ye not your own selves,

how that Jesus Christ is in

you, except ye be reprobates?"

But stubbornness effectually

bars the way to the entrance of

the Spirit of God. Stubbornness

does not profit; it is the fruit

of selfishness, and the only

cure for it is to cut it up from

the heart by the roots. Often

the outward manifestation

of selfishness is done away for a

time, but its hateful fruit will

again appear as do the leaves of

a tree that has been cut down,

but whose root remains. If a

fiber of selfishness is left, it

will spring forth again, and

bear a harvest after its kind.



T Volume Four

PG  610

   The love of God must pervade

the soul, or the fruits of

righteousness will not appear.

It is not safe to indulge in vanity

and pride, or love of power or gain.

It is the worst phase of selfishness

to fret and censure and

complain because you have the

power to do this and those whom

you abuse in this way cannot

prevent you. It is selfishness

that causes variance in the

family circle and in the




  M  R  Volume Nineteen


PG 142

  The Evil of Selfishness; Harmony

Possible Through Prayer and Focusing

on the Cross of Christ



     No sin is so general as the sin of selfishness.

It has hidden the Saviour from our view.

It is a root of bitterness springing up whereby

many will be defiled. Were this obstruction

removed, we would realize why the Saviour

was lifted up upon the cross in our behalf.

I am so glad that the Holy Spirit can enable

us to understand that we have been bought

with a price. 




  Child Guidance    PG  294


     In God's plan there is no place for selfish

rivalry. Those who measure themselves

by themselves, and compare themselves

among themselves, are not wise.

(2 Corinthians 10:12.) Whatever we do

is to be done "as of the ability which

God giveth." 1 Peter 4:11. It is to be

done "heartily, as to the Lord, and

not unto men; knowing that of the

Lord ye shall receive the reward

of the  inheritance: for ye serve the

Lord Christ." Colossians 3:23, 24.

Precious the service done and the

education gained in carrying out

these principles. But how widely

different is much of the education

now given! From the child's earliest

years it is an appeal to emulation

and rivalry; it fosters selfishness,

the root of all evil.


 COL  p. 254

     The only remedy for the sins and sorrows

of men is Christ. The gospel of His grace

alone can cure the evils that curse society.

The injustice of the rich toward the poor,

the hatred of the poor toward the rich,

alike have their root in selfishness, and

this can be eradicated only through

submission to Christ. He alone, for the

selfish heart of sin, gives the new heart

of love. 



  ARSH April 12, 1898

     There is a work for all to do for the Master. 

Every human being who has a vital connection

with Christ will earnestly strive to carry forward

the work committed to him. But no selfishness

can enter God's work. The most splendid service,

if it originates with self, is useless. Unless the root

is holy, no fruit can be borne to God's glory.


Evangelism   p 633


     Selfishness is the root of all evil.    1897.